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ACOG Clinical Review1999

ACP Journal Club1996(124-125)

American Journal of Cardiology1998

American Journal of Epidemiology1996(143-144)

American Journal of Gastroenterology1998(93:1,6)

American Journal of Health System Pharmacy1996(53:1-7)

American Journal of Medicine1996(100:6)
 2000(109:9-12,+ suppl.)

American Journal of Nursing: AJN1997

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education1999(63:1-2)

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2002(81:1-4)

American Journal of Psychiatry2000
 2000(157:3-7,11-12,+ suppl.)

American Journal of Surgery2000

American Journal of Surgical Pathology1997(21:8,10)


Annals of Internal Medicine1996(124:1-6)

Applied Clinical Trials2002(11:1-8)

Archives of General Psychiatry2001(58:2)

Archives of Neurology1998(55:11)

Archives of Ophthalmology2001(119:8)

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2000(81)

Arhcives of Facial Plastic Surgery1999

Asean Heart Journal1996(4:2)

Asian Medical News1996(18:9-11)

Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons1978(63)

Chang Mai Medical Bulletin1996

CME Digest1999(33:1-3)

Coronary Artery Disease2000

Current Medical Research and Opinion1996-1997(13-14)

Current Opinion in Cardiology2000

Current Problems in Dermatology1996

Diabetes Management1996

Diagnostic Molecular Pathology1997

Emergency Medical Services1996

Emergency Medicine2001


Health News1999

Health Progress2000(81:3-4)

Health Today1996-1997


Hospital Journal1996

Hospital Medicine1997(33:1,4)

Hospital Pharmacy2000(29:1-12)

Hospital Physician1997(33:6,8,10,12)

International Family Planning Perspectives1997

International Journal of Epidemiology1996(25:2,4,6)

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer1997(7:3,5)

International Journal of Radiation, Oncology Biology and Physics1997(37)

Journal of Clinical Immunology1996(16:8,10,12)

Journal of Clinical Rheumatology1997(3:6,12)

Journal of Continuing Education, Topics and Issues1999

Journal of Health Care Management2000(45:1-4)

Journal of Hyertension1996

Journal of Invasive Cardiology1997(9:5)

Journal of the American Physical Therapy1999

Laboratory Investigation1999(79:4)

Medical Economics1998(75:9,17-18)

Medical Progress With Medicine2000

Medicine International (Middle Eastern Ed.)1997


New Horizons (The Science and practice of Acute Medicine)1996(4:3)

New World Health1996

Nursing and Health Care Perspectives1996(17)

Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey1999(54:9-11, suppl. Dec)

Primary Care Update for OB/GYNE1998(5:5)

Seminars in Oncology1996(23:Oct)


Standford Medical Bulletin1997-1998

The Wilmer Retina Update1998

Update: The Journal of Continuing Education for Medical Practitioners1999

Vascular Radiotherapy Monitor1999