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Acta Medica et Biologica1998(46:1,4)

Acta Medica Nagasakiensia1998(43:1-4)

Acta Medica Okayama1997(51:6)

Advances in Applied Microbiology1996(42)

American Journal of Pathology1977-81(86-102)

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene1978-1980(27-29)

American Pharmaceutical Association Journal1978(18:12)

Animal Science and Technology1998(69:2,3,5,8-9)

Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology1996(36)

AOAC International Journal1997(80:1-2,4-6)

Applied and Environmental Microbiology1996(62:8-12)

Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition1999

Australian Biotechnology News1997(7:1-2)

Balance: Living With Diabetes, A Lifestyle1998

Biochemical Pharmacology1983(32:24)

Biocycle: Journal of Waste Recycling1997(38:1)


Biotropia: The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology1998

Breeding Science1998(48:1-2,4)

Bulletin of Southern California Academy of Sciences1998(97:1)

Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons1998(83:9,11-12)

Bulletin of the Medical Society of the County of Kings1975(54:10)

Bulletin of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines1998(38:5-6)

Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College1997(43:2)

Canadian Journal of Medical Technology1975(37:3)

Cancer News1977(31:3)

Cancer Research1984(44:2)

Chemical and Engineering Journal1996(61:1-3)

Chemical and Engineering News1997(75:3-35)

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin1982-1983(30-31)

Chemical Engineering Progress1996(92:1-11)

Concern for the Disabled Filipino1998(20)

Danish Medical Bulletin1976(23(6))

Discover1997(18:1-6,8, 23)

Endocrine Journal1997(44:1-2,5-6)

Family Planning Perspectives1998(24:3)

FAO (Food Nutrition and Agricultural Alimentation)1997

Food Processing1996(65:1-12)

Food Production Management1996(118:7-12)

Food Technology1996(50:?-12)

Food, Nutrition and Agriculture1997(5)

Food, Science and Technology1999(10:6-7,9-11)

Frontiers In Plant Science1997(49:2)

Fruit Processing1996(6:1-12)

Health and Development1998

Health Beat1999

In Vitro Molecular Toxicology1996(9:1)

Industry and Environment1997(20:3)

Inside Laboratory Management1998(2:1)

International Family Planning Perspectives1997(23:1-3)

International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology1996(46:1-4)

IPPF Medical Bulletin1999(33:1-2)

Israel Environment Bulletin1998(21:3)

Jikeikai Medical Journal1997(44:1-4)

Journal of American Chemist Society1996(64:1-8)

Journal of Antibiotics1997(50:1-8,10)

Journal of Bacteriology1996(178:1-23)

Journal of Clinical Nutrition2000(9:1)

Journal of Medical Investigation1998(45:1-4)

Journal of Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry1960-1974(2-17)

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences1978-1979(66-67)

Journal of the American Dietetic Association1970-1974(56-66)

Journal of Tokyo Women's Medical University1999(69:1)

Kasetsart Journal1997(31:4)

Kyoto University: Biological Laboratory. Contributions2000(29:2)

Medical Journal of Kagoshima University/Kagoshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi1998-1999(50:3-4)

Medical Progress1977-1979(4-6)

Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz1998(93:1-5,+ suppls. 1-2)

Minnesota Science1999(51:1)

Mycological Research: An International Journal of Fungal Biology1997(101:part 3)
 1999(103:part 7)

Nagoya Journal of Medical Sciences2000(62:12)

Nagoya Medical Journal1977-1980(22-24)

NEC Research and Development1997(38:1-4)

NRCP Newsletters2000

Nutrition Today1977(12:5)

Parasitology International1997(46)

Philippine Journal of Science1999(128:3)

Planta Medica1985-1988(51-54)

Population Bulletin1999(54:1)

Population Headliners1999(268)

Population Reports1998(26:2)

Proceedings of the National Science Council Republic of China1999(23:1,4)

SEAMIC Newsletter1999(17:2)

The Bulletin of the Yamaguchi Medical School1999(46:3-4)

The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science1976-1978(21-23:3)

The Energy Manager1999(2:1,5)

The Japanese Journal of Limnology/Rikusui Gaku Zaashi1997(58:1-4)

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Utah Science1998(58:2,4)

WHO Essential Drugs Monitor1999(27)

Yonago Acta Medica1976(20:3)

Yunago Acta Medica2000(43:2)